How to Make Tempeh from Scratch (ONLINE CLASS) by Raw Chef Yin

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How to Make Tempeh from Scratch (ONLINE CLASS) by Raw Chef Yin

Raw Chef Yin
15 ratings

153 people have taken this course!

“The tempeh-making process was easy and turned out great. Raw Chef Yin’s presentation style is easy to understand and approachable. Totally recommended.

- Ted Mahsun, KL

💚What Is Tempeh?

Tempeh is traditionally a fermented soybean cake. However nowadays, there are many soy-free kinds of tempeh including chickpea, adzuki bean and lentils. I've even successfully made a pumpkin + sunflower seed tempeh! So if you’re allergic to soy or other beans, you can still make tempeh using the same techniques that I teach in this class with seeds or nuts instead.

🌱Benefits of Tempeh?

Six reasons why you should eat this fermented (soy)bean cake

1. Contains all the essential amino acids

2. Adds important vitamins & minerals to our diet

3. Improves digestive health

4. Delicious and versatile

5. Affordable

6. Easy to make

- from Tempted by Tempeh book

❓Why Should You Learn from Raw Chef Yin?

I've conducted SOLD-OUT classes in London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Penang since 2017. Take the opportunity to learn now since it’s held online and you can access the videos and the course booklet anytime you like.

Here are some glowing testimonials from the previous participants of my live workshops💯:

“I came to this workshop because I hated tempeh, and hoping I would learn how to do tempeh from alternative beans, but!!! The tempeh we diid today was soooo good → looking forward to try at home & hopefully will be as good!” - Ana, London

“Raw Chef Yin is so down-to-earth, yet knowledgeable. She made learning how to make tempeh fun & easy. I left the class feeling confident to make tempeh on my own at home.” - Faith, plant-based food blogger

“What a wonderful thing to learn how to make one of my favourite foods. Chef Yin was informative friendly and fun - I loved the workshop. Thank you so much - unmissable if you’re a tempeh fan!” - @healthy_mays, London

But isn’t tempeh bitter & gross looking?

"It was fascinating to see that tempeh could be made so easily. It was also the best tempeh I have ever eaten and I was thrilled to have made it myself." - Andrea Teo, Singapore

As Andrea and many of my other students have proclaimed, homemade tempeh tastes so good that you’ll never want to buy them from the store again once you’ve learnt how to make them yourself. 😋 It doesn’t have the bitterness that you get from store-bought tempeh. And homemade tempeh is actually very beautiful and not scary looking like the ones I’ve seen vacuumed packed in the US and Europe.

At this workshop you'll find out:

- what types of beans can be used to make tempeh

- what containers are suitable for making tempeh

- dos and don'ts for making tempeh

- various types of incubators for tempeh, if necessary

- how to make your own tempeh starter from store-bought tempeh

- different methods of dehulling

- how to still make tempeh if you find dehulling way too tedious

- fun ways to make tempeh from non-traditional ingredients

What You Can Expect

- This will be via recorded videos of the Facebook Live class.

- This is not a cook-along session as the boiling of beans will take 40 mins, however you can pause and play the recording to follow the step-by-step instructions.

- A step-by-step booklet is provided so you can easily make your own tempeh at home.

Enjoy these added BONUSES too:

BONUS #1: How to Fold Daun Simpoh Air (VIDEO)

BONUS #2: How to Fold Banana Leaves (VIDEO) 

BONUS #3: Make your own Tempeh Starter from Tempeh (VIDEO) 

BONUS #4: How to tell When Your Tempeh is Ready (VIDEO)

BONUS #5: How to make Adzuki Bean Tempeh Truffles (VIDEO) 

BONUS #6: How To Make Tempeh Percik (Coconut Spiced Tempeh)

BONUS #7: Three tempeh recipe cards - creative tempeh dishes which you can easily make at home (PDF)

BONUS #8: Making of Black Bean Tempeh & experimenting with new tempeh containers (6-part video series)

BONUS #9: Using Plastic-Free Silicon Moulds To Make Tempeh (2 VIDEOS)

Here's what the online participants of the class have said:

“So I took an online course on making tempeh by @rawchefyin and here is my tempeh! I absolutely love the buckwheat ones. They're are super nice and have a crispy texture. The black beans ones I felt like I packed them too much. So they don't hold so good. But thankfully I have teacher to guide me 😊.

Can't wait to experiment on other beans.. hmm or maybe I can start a new bisness selling tempeh 😁

Do check her page out for some other interesting courses!”

How much is the investment for this class?

My previous tempeh making classes in Malaysia was RM200 per person.

In London, the fee was 75 British Pounds.

Since this class was conducted online in a very basic setting (we were in partial lockdown in Malaysia at the time when the class was conducted and I didn't have a camera crew with me), you can now save and attend this introductory group class instead.

So, for this first online class, the fee is US$45.00

Class Details:

This is a recording of the 130-minute live class conducted via Facebook Live in the form of a 2-part video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What do I get when I buy this? 

You get:

+ Entire Video recordings to the Facebook Live videos of the class

+ Tempeh Making Class Booklet (11-page PDF which gives you a comprehensive idea of how to make your very own tempeh)

+ Not one, not two, but THREE recipe cards on interesting, creative ways of making dishes out of tempeh (including a dessert - whattt?)

+ TWO bonus videos on how to fold the leaves so you don’t have to use plastic when making tempeh

+ ONE bonus video on how to make your own tempeh starter from tempeh

+ ONE bonus video on how to tell when your tempeh is ready

+ ONE bonus video on how to make Adzuki Bean Tempeh Truffles

+ ONE bonus video on How To Make Tempeh Percik (Coconut Spiced Tempeh)

+ 6-part series of bonus videos on the Making of Black Bean Tempeh

+ 2 bonus videos on how to use the sausage moulds for tempeh 

2. My Internet connection is not too fast. Can I download the videos & booklet?

Yes you can!

3. I actually prefer to read printed recipes. Can I print out the booklet & recipe cards?

Yes, you can download the PDF files & then print them out.

4. What ingredients are required to make tempeh? Can I find them easily where I live?

Just 3 ingredients: beans, vinegar, tempeh starter. You can find the tempeh starter online. If you’re in Malaysia, I’ve provided you with the address to the shop.

5. Do I need any special equipment to make tempeh?

Not really. You should already have the equipment at home: pot, colander, stove, mixing bowl, oven. I will give you some suggestions on various incubating options.

If you're in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia - you don't even need an oven as our tropical weather is perfect for incubating the tempeh :) 

6. Can I make soy-free tempeh?
Yes, you can. The techniques used for making soybean tempeh can be applied to other beans as well. Cooking times for other beans, nuts, seeds are provided in the course booklet. In the course, I demonstrate using soybeans and chana dal. 

7. How do I pay for the class?

You can pay via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Ready to sign up?

Click "I want this!" to get enrolled now.

(After you've paid, you will receive an email with the download/streaming link. Please note that this is also includes your receipt. If you don't see the email, please check your SPAM folder as sometimes it might end up there)

Kindly note that you may be charged VAT on top of the course price if you live in the EU. VAT will be reflected in the form before you pay. 

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